Mike's Profile

Shows: The High Horse, Sixty Second Reviews, Downloadable Content, Renters or Buyers, and First Impressions
Favorite Video Games:Way too many to list, I like almost all games. Old New and in between!
Favorite Bands: Blink182, Killswitch Engage, Less Than Jake, Tragically hip.. All kinds
Favorite Consoles: I enjoy my 360, however I love NES and SNES.
Favorite Movies: I like comic based movies (That stay on the story path) and actiony ones. Comedy and Drama are good too.
Favorite Shows: I like the ultimate fighter.. sometimes. I also like Dexter and a few others.. although I don't watch a lot of tv.
Guilty Pleasure Video Games: Yo! Noid and Pocky and Rocky.. I love those games.
Guilty Pleasure Show or Movies: I used to tape power rangers.. Does that count? Also I like Can't Hardly Wait and Mickey Blue eyes. Yesssss
Guilty Pleasure Bands: Weird Al hahaha
Additional: I've really started to get into the video making and script writing of these videos. Over the past while I've been picking up tips and tricks and have (In my opinion) been putting them to use. I enjoy games, music and movies.. I like to party and I'm pretty much the greatest.