Blurrypron Classics: DLC: Brain Challenge, Super SF2THDR, and Wolrd of Goo

It's time to take the time to enjoy some of the greatest classics moments in Blurrypron History! For the next little while to keep things interesting on the website I will be posting some of our FAVORITE videos that we have made in the past 2 years! I hope you enjoy and there WILL be new content just as soon as I can get my video editing software back on my PC! -Dukey

Mike and Dukey look at some okay games, and tell you why you should or should not check some of these out. PS: We got a TON of hatemail for this episode which I why I chose it as a classic!
Blurrypron Classics: DLC: Brain Challenge, Super SF2THDR, and Wolrd of Goo | 14 comments | Create New Account
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Blurrypron Classics: DLC: Brain Challenge, Super SF2THDR, and Wolrd of Goo
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Blurrypron Classics: DLC: Brain Challenge, Super SF2THDR, and Wolrd of Goo
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Blurrypron Classics: DLC: Brain Challenge, Super SF2THDR, and Wolrd of Goo
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