Food Face-Off: Breakfast Blowout!

Bubz and Dukey team up as this time.. it's the food that's facing off! They take breakfast sandwiches from FIVE different fast food chain restaurants and pit them against each other. Each breakfast is rated out of a total of 10, each man voting out of 5, the winner will have the glory of receiving the Blurrypron Seal of Approval!! So shift your stomach into high gear, because this isn't your average Food Face-Off!

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Food Face-Off: Breakfast Blowout!
Authored by: Anonymous on Monday, May 02 2011 @ 02:56 am CST
I love the concept, and I can't argue too much with the results (A&W certainly has the best breakfast sandwiches I'm aware of, though I'm curious about the McDonald's biscuit sandwiches, a new addition to Canadian menus, but both familiar and popular among Americans). Given that, I must insert the caveat that the presentation could use some work. I'm not sure if anyone on the Blurrypron staff has a vehicle, but I feel this would have been much better presentation-wise had it been formatted similarly to Supersize Me, that is, in a much more casual style (for example, one by one in the parking lot after going through the Drive-Thru, or sans that option, in-restaurant).

Kudos outta Saskatoon
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Food Face-Off: Breakfast Blowout!
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Food Face-Off: Breakfast Blowout!
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Food Face-Off: Breakfast Blowout!
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Food Face-Off: Breakfast Blowout!
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Food Face-Off: Breakfast Blowout!
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