Versez: Star Wars VS Star Trek

The most epic of nerd battles is NOW to be decided! Which will triumph!? Will it be the futuristic fantasy franchise Star Wars or the technologically inspiring franchise Star Trek? One aims for entertainment, the other for realism and discovery; but WHO will come out on TOP!? Tune in to this episode of Versez to find out!

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Versez: Star Wars VS Star Trek
Authored by: Anonymous on Monday, April 11 2011 @ 09:10 am CST
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Versez: Star Wars VS Star Trek
Authored by: Anonymous on Saturday, April 16 2011 @ 05:00 am CST
I like ST and I like SW = I adore this video. I'll even write my paper.
Versez: Star Wars VS Star Trek
Authored by: Anonymous on Wednesday, April 27 2011 @ 02:22 am CST
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Versez: Star Wars VS Star Trek
Authored by: Anonymous on Monday, May 02 2011 @ 02:32 am CST
Regarding the Star Wars Expanded Universe books featuring the original trilogy's children being "ridiculous", I would have to disagree vehemently. Granted, the earlier series (that is, Young Jedi Knights and Junior Jedi Knights) were certainly geared towards a younger audience, however the character growth we see in those novels is comparable to that of the original characters. Indeed, starting from those novels and progressing through the Yuuzhan Vong and Dark Nest series and the newest completed arch, the Legacy of the Force, we are treated to the rise and fall of an unexpected Sith Lord that is all the more dramatic for its long wait. Indeed,because of that wait we are given the opportunity to empathize with the characters on a level that makes it all the more heartwrenching, something that could not have been achieved with the rushed pace necessitated by an action film series. It's everything the movies could have been and more.
Gundam Wing, while fantastic in its own right, is far from the best that the Gundam Metaverse has to offer (Though Heero Yuy and Treize Khushrenada are still my two favorite anime characters of all time, with Light Yagami of Death Note and Lelouche vi Brittania of Code Geass being close seconds). Gundam SEED allowed a much greater amount of character development over its two seasons than Wing could have hoped for, but I think I enjoy it more not because of that, but because I found so many of the characters to be far less irritating (Wufei Chang, Quatre Reberba Winner, goddamn General Septum's voice, and everyone at Relena's schools were peak offenders). Gundam 00, though I didn't like it very much the first time I watched it, really grew on me by the second time. Though I'm not a big fan of the Universal Century, Gundam Unicorn is shaping up to be an absolutely fantastic series and I would highly reccomend it.
Better than anything in the Gundam Metaverse I've so far encountered however was Code Geass: Lelouche of the Rebellion. Absolutely incredibly done, by the second episode I knew it was something I needed to watch to completion, and indeed did, by the following evening.

Kudos out of Saskatoon.
Versez: Star Wars VS Star Trek
Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, July 19 2011 @ 12:38 am CST
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Versez: Star Wars VS Star Trek
Authored by: Anonymous on Thursday, August 11 2011 @ 11:43 pm CST
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Versez: Star Wars VS Star Trek
Authored by: Anonymous on Sunday, October 28 2012 @ 09:16 pm CST
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