Gasp's Random Ass Round-Up Prize Package Grand Opening!

As many of you may remember we had a contest a while back and we game out some rand ass prizes. Well Gasp, the winner of the contest is here to show you the unboxing of the random ass epic prizes! Keep up the good work Gasp, looking forward to seeing your new videos!

Late Night Reach Around, Wednesday Feb, 3rd 2010

This weekend we did a LIVE Stream podcast before our game night. We all got together to talk about cartoon child porn, birds in gaming, some great video game releases from both this week and last week, candy cocaine, and many, MANY more! Sorry for the late upload conversion was a bitch, also stay tuned Friday or Saturday for a VERY important announcement.

Rangoon: Chedda Bay Remix!

Remember Chedda Bay Biscuits from a few weeks ago? Well Joey Rangoon is back with an ALL NEW Chedda Bay Remix that's hitting the clubs like a chedda cheese tsunami!

Last Minute Madness!!: A Pirate I Was Meant To Be!

One of the MANY reasons why I LOVE the Monkey Island series! Enjoy this classic tune from Curse of Monkey Island!

Final Review: Dragon Warrior II Part 2

Dukey's FINALLY back to finish off his Final Review of the absolute WORST Dragon Warrior game ever thought of. As a Dragon Warrior fan some feelings get hurt but in the end it's just something every Dragon Warrior fan must eventually go through and he's glad he got it over with.

Last Minute Madness!: What if Star Wars Originated In The 80's?

After searching the internet we found something that blew our minds.. Could this have been the ending to Star Wars if it came out of the 80's?

Late Night Reach Around, Wednesday Jan. 27th 2010

The first audio podcast in a loooong time! This week we take a look at some funny and some.. not-so-funny news as well as list off a shit-ton of GREAT games that come out this week!! After some long awaited forum questions we roll into our main topic which is games you just never finished for some reason. Then we talk about our Live Reach Around/Game Night that's going down THIS SATURDAY @ 5:30PM Mountain Time, 7:30pm Eastern, hope to see you there! Be sure to hit up the General Discussion on the Forums to suggest what games you want us to play or you want to play WITH us!

Rangoon: Dog VS Cat

The battle has been going on for centuries but Rangoon is here to settle the fight with an all out rap battle between dogs and cats!

Bowel Mints

The following is an unpaid production brought to you by! We've got a BRAND NEW product that's changing lives by the assload!

Sur La Crappier: NBA Jam on Game Gear

It's been awhile but a bathroom break was BOUND to happen sooner or later so here we are with another Sur La Crappier. This time the crappier guy gets to play an incredible arcade basketball port on the Game Gear! Not only is it a great port.. it's MULTIPLAYER!!