Looking For A Friend: A Friendship... With Cheese!

Things get intense as Bubz travels the world as a rising musician. Will he FINALLY get the feedback he needs? Or will the cheddar bring him down? There's only one way to find out folks and I'll bet you're smart enough to figure that out on your own!

Late Night Reach Around, Wednesday Jan. 20th 2010

This week the dudes band together last minute to pull off a fantastic podcast! They talk about Zombie Grannies, Van Halen, Dark Void, Manatees, Bosses, Porn, Bayonetta, Darksiders, Nintendo's High Definition Console, Red Rings of Death, and many MANY more!! Also they make an incredible announcement about the weekend of January 30th so be sure to tune in and find out what's going down!

Rangoon: Amazing Adventures Episode 1!

MTV comes to check out Johnny's Crib but he's too busy having an amazing adventure with a magical genie!

Sixty Second Reviews : Borderlands

In this episode Mike takes a look at Gearbox and 2K Games' collab: Borderlands. Can it stand up to the Fallout 3 giant that everyone seems to compare it to? Or is it something that nobody expected? Watch this one and find out!

Dukey's Drunken Interview With Kuffo Knight!

A couple weeks ago Dukey was persistent on having a drunken interview with someone and after entering his video into the Random Ass Round-Up contest Kuffo Knight volunteered! This is their drunken journey!

Late Night Reach Around LIVE STREAMED PART 1 AND 2, Wednesday January 13th 2010!

This is it folks! We're FINALLY back and we brought you a GREAT Live Show this past weekend but incase you missed it here it is again! This week we talk about some weird ass news, a great remake of a video game release, do some live chat questions from Blurrypron Live as well as announce the winner of the Random Ass Round-Up Video Contest!! Not only do we announce the winner, we also show the incredible Random Ass Prizes that were won along with a free Blurrypron T-Shirt!! So buckle up and sit back for an intense 1st Reach Around of 2010!

Rangoon: Chedda Bay!

What's better to surf on than cheddar? NOTHING!! What is the greatest food evar? CHEDDA BAY BISCUITS! Old man Chedda Bay is here to show you his love for these incredible snacks!

Blurrypron's Gangsta Adventure!

For those of you wondering what we were doing on our week off.. well.. this is a little insight. Hope you enjoy our triumphant return to arms and make sure to watch this week's Late Night Reach Around as we will be announcing the winner of the Random Ass Round-Up Video Contest as well as showing off the fantabulous prizes!!

Takin' The Week Off For Napz And Rekovery

That's right folks we're takin a week off this week to recover from the holidays! In the meantime be sure to PM Dukey on the forums your votes for your favorite Random Ass Round-Up entry and in next week's Late Night Reach Around we'll be announcing the winner!

R.A.R-U.: Renegade's Gamecube Game Collection!

A montage of all my Gamecube games set to epic Pokemon music! The audio is quite low so turn up your volume for this one! THIS is the Final Qualifying video sent in for the Random Ass Round-Up Video Contest!! After watching this video quickly head to our forums and VOTE for YOUR favorite submission!! The winner will receive some random free shit along with a FREE BLURRYPRON T-SHIRT!! VOTE NOW!!