R.A.R-U.: Kazekawa's FF7 Mock Battle

What started off as a test demonstration for something that would be used in the near future eventually became a commercial that I am now releasing to you all!

R.A.R-U.: Nosebleed's Baby Maker

Somewhere underground there are legions of cock hungry women ready to be injected with man juice from your ten foot baby maker!

R.A.R-U.: Gasp's Gamers Enemies: Nature's Call

This is the first episode of a little video series I'm hopping to continue making. The idea is simple: we gamers talk a lot about the enemies we confront in games, but what about the ones we have to face on our daily lives while gaming? This time is... well, lets call it... Nature!

R.A.R-U.: Kuffo Knight's The Twelve Games of Xmas: Soul Calibur 4

Before Xmas Kuffo was doing a series of 12 reviews, in THIS review he takes a look at Soooouuul Calibuuur FOOOOOUUURR!! Remember folks hold your votes until Random Ass Round-Up is over then PM them to Dukey on our forums! Thanks!

R.A.R-U.: d1g1c0ck's Stick Dick

A stick man just stands there minding his own business, and all of a sudden he gets gang banged! This tears him up inside, and makes him a murderer that kills everyone insight. By the time you've read all of this, the movie has ended.

Final Review: Dragon Warrior II Part 1

HOOOLYYY SHYTE!! Dukey FINALLY gets part 1 of his EPIC Dragon Warrior II review finished JUST in time for xmas! After giving you some RPG food for thought he covers the beginning part of the game and shows you why THIS Dragon Warrior game was not only a huge LEAP for RPG's but at the same time a huge disappointment.

Happy Holidays From Blurrypron!

Its the holidays so why not sit back, relax and enjoy some heart felt poetry from all of us here at Blurrypron! Together we can pull through this.. Brittany Murphy.. your gorgeous lips and sweet rack will be forever missed...

Random Ass Round-Up Video Contest!!

Blurrypron.com is holding a contest called Random Ass Round-Up!!! Send your video in either by PMing me on the forums OR by emailing blurrypron.com@gmail.com and if your video is good we'll put it on the website!! After Random Ass Round-Up is over there will be a voting on the forums and the winning video maker gets a FREE BLURRYPRON T-Shirt!! The videos start going up 2 days after xmas so get your videos in ASAP!!
"We are well into our Random Ass Round Up here on Blurrypron and the submissions are rolling in, and since it is the holidays and christmas is on Friday we figured we might as well spice up the grandprize a little bit and toss in a little christmas spirit to boot! All you have to do is show us your original work, send us a link to your video at blurrypron.com@gmail.com and we will put it up for people to see and vote on and you could score your self a little holiday goodness with a kickass shirt to go with it from all of us here at Blurrypron, so get those submissions in and have a merry fucking christmas!" -Blurrypron Staff

Rangoon: Bread Sandwich

With xmas just around the corner people are SO busy cooking big meals. If you ask me, Rangoon has the right idea with their incredible Bread Sandwiches! Just follow the steps in this video and you're on your way to a merry xmas! Also, if you didn't know about it yet there is a contest called Random Ass Round-Up!! Send ANY of your videos to blurrypron.com@gmail.com and it could get featured on Blurrypron!! After the videos are shown there will be a vote in the forums to determine which video was the best and the winning video maker gets a FREE Blurrypron T-Shirt!!! Enter now because after xmas the videos start going up!

10 Best: SNES Songs!

In this 10 best, Mike goes through his all time favorite Songs/Themes from the SNES. Are your favorite songs on this list? Maybe Mike is just Dead wrong. Let us know in the comments!