Why Is The Final Review So Late?

Dukey realizes it's taking forever to get his Final Review up, so he decided to show you why! Don't worry folks, Part 1 will be going up Xmas Day for sure!!

Thoughtful Thursday: Toilet Paper

Bubz is back yet again to give you advice on how to not only conserve toilet paper and save the environment, but also avoid pissing your friends or roommates off. So tune in because knowledge is the most valuable asset of all!

Late Night Reach Around, Wednesday December 16th 2009!

This week the dudes are back with slightly new format as they bring you some meat-smackin news, and some great music like always! This week's Villain of The Week is one of the more freighting Villains so be prepared for that and the main topic this week is HUGE and lackluster accomplishments in video games! So tune in and let us know what YOU think of this week's podcast as it slowly evolves into The Late Night Reach Around With Bubz N Dukey 2.0!!

Rangoon: Business Opportunity!

Cricket has the best ideas to get opportunities! Business opportunities are HIS specialty! Want to make millions doing nothing? Then watch and learn! This deal is almost as good as those 'work for Google' emails!!

Rogue Bologna Showdown!!!

While Dukey works endlessly on his new Final Review he decided to tie you over this week with a song, a battle, and laughter! Make sure YOU don't miss out on.. THE ROGUE BOLOGNA SHOWDOWN!!!

Thoughtful Thursday: Networking Websites

Bubz brings you a BRAND NEW series called Thoughtful Thursday! In this pilot episode he give you a short, educational message about what we all really think about networking websites! What do you think of this new show? Tell us in the comments!

Late Night Reach Around, Wednesday December 9th 2009 Both Parts

This week Bubz n Dukey are here to talk about games that are over and under-rated! Dukey also brings up a great video game release and they talk about some funny and foul-smelling news stories! So tune in to one of the greatest podcast around and enjoy this week's incredible Reach Around!

Rangoon: Totally Zapped!!

Johnny gets Totally Zapped into a video game and now he's here to tell you about his story!

Sixty Second Review: Prototype: Modern Warfare 2

In this episode Mike takes a look at the Highly anticipated title: Modern Warfare 2. Does it live up to it's hype or does Infinity Ward just want us to shell out $70 for the same game we've already played? Check out this quick review on it and find out for yourself!

Sanderson Pooper 1080 Covers Hurricane Topanga

Rising News Journalist Sanderson Pooper covers the INSIDE story of the horrendous Hurricane Topanga inside the city of Saskatoon! Be sure to tune in to find out how the poor, grubby people of Saskatoon are making out during this tragic time!