Late Night Reach Around, Wednesday December 2nd 2009 Part 2

Part 2 of this week's podcast! Tune in to find out which great games to get those hard to please gamers on YOUR xmas list!

Late Night Reach Around, Wednesday December 2nd 2009 Part 1

This week the dudes talk about some crazy news, play some GREAT Canadian music, and talk about some fantastic Villains! In this week's main topic we cover what games to get who this xmas!

Video Game Voice-Overs: Episode 1

Charlie (the producer) helps Clinko (the voice) record voice overs for video games. Will they make 8-bit magic? Tune in to find out!!

Last Minute Madness!!: Dragon Quest AMV - Unanswered by Suicide Silence

Yet ANOTHER Last Minute Madness this week! This week we take a look at a Dragon Quest AMV! Not the video games but the anime series, and what goes better with the Dragon Quest anime than death metal? NOTHING that's what!

First Impressions: Crab Rangoon & Red Stripe

Dukey takes his chances with a new appetizer and a new type of beer that he's never tried before. So come and watch Dukey's First Impressions of both Crab Rangoon and Red Stripe as he dedicates this episode to Rangoononline!

Goodbye Quasar

This past weekend Bubz was moving to another place and he collapsed into a teary mess when he realized what he would have to leave behind. The Quasar has been there for him every day since he moved to Kindersly and splitting up has hit him harder than he thought it would. Quasar.. you never quite worked as a TV but as a TV stand, you were incredible.. we'll never forget you...

Late Night Reach Around LIVE!, Wednesday Nov. 25th 2009

This week all 3 dudes are together for one of the best Reach Arounds in a while! Bubz is moving and they band together on his only piece of remaining furniture to talk about a video game release that's tied in with a movie, answer some incredible forum questions, and play and sing to some great music! The main topic this week is Weird Fears, which are strange things that the Blurrypron team are afraid of.. like Leprechauns!

Rangoon: Lollipop Land

Johnny tell us his dreams of going to Lollipop Land and whadayaknow!? He actually gets there for a minute! What awaits Johnny in Lollipop Land? Why is Johnny dressed in a bonnet? And does Johnny even LIKE Lollipops!? Only 2 of these things will be answered in this pulse-pounding video from the Ultimate in Web Entertainment!!

High Horse Episode 7

In this episode the guys look back at Extra Life and talk about their favorite moments. We discuss The men who stare at goats. We talk about our very first top 5 selections and Bruce Lee makes a special appearance! Saddle up and let's right, this here is the High Horse!

10 Best: Games I Wish I Hadn't Played

Dukey takes some time out of his day to SAVE YOUR GAMING ASSES!! This time he's counting down the 10 games he wishes he'd never played! If you've played these games he feels sorry for you and if you haven't then you should avoid them at ALL costs!! So tune in and enjoy either the video or the fact that Dukey had to suffer to record all the footage for this 10 Best!