Looking For A Friend 4: The Phone Party

Bubz is BACK and looking for more friends the ONLY way he knows how! This time he figured he'd amp things up a bit and maybe get some more people interested by having.. A PHONE PARTY!! So check out his sweet ass phone party and witness the triumphant return of Looking For A Friend!

Announcement Video Nov. 18th 2009!

No Reach Around this week but Dukey's got one HELLUVA announcement video! So check it out and learn about what is to come in the near future at blurrypron.com! Also, one announcement that was missed is that there will be a BRAND NEW High Horse this Saturday!

Rangoon: Dick Spray

Is your dick retarded? Do you ever look at your dick and think.. "This suuuuuucks?" If you've answered yes to one or more of these questions then YOU need to try Rangoononline's notorious Dick Spray!

Last Minute Madness!!: Classic Game Room Buck Shot Shotgun Review

Mike's a big fan of this guy so we figured we'd show you guys one of his reviews. In this review he shows something incredibly bad-ass that was made for an incredibly lame console! This is the Wii Zapper Robocop would use!

Versez: Double Dragon VS Double Dragon

Versez is FINALLY BACK! Dukey and Mike take a look at one of the original beatem ups of the 8 bit era, Double Dragon. But instead of pitting it against another great beatem up, they decide to battle it against itself! That's right folks it's time to watch the Sega Master System and the Nintendo Entertainment System versions duke it out the only way we know how... In an episode of Versez!!!

Late Night Reach Around LIVE!, Wednesday Nov 11th 2009

This week's Reach Around takes place on Remembrance Day so pay tribute for the people who died for our peace in World War 1 and 2 as we talk about some crazy news, awesome Villain of the Week, and a nostalgia-filled main topic that will BLOW YOUR MIND! Once again Live and in 2 parts!

Rangoon: Peanut Butter

Johnny just wants some delicious Peanut Butter, but what he gets is so much more! Why is Johnny eating peanut butter out of a martini glass? What is IN Johnny's peanut butter? And where could Dukey's butt plug have gone? All but ONE of these questions will be answered in this video!

Last Minute Madness!!: Trailer for Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter

The greatest vampire movie to never grace the big screen! Seriously plan on watching this with everyone via Blurrypron Live soon!

Blurrypron In The Kitchen Presents: Chefprotoss' Cooking For Those Who Can't Cook

The pilot. This is how to make the perfect roasted chicken if you have no skill in a kitchen what so ever. This is his first cooking show so feed back is quite welcomed.

Out of Tune Memories Part 1

Bubz didn't want to play guitar at all, and Dukey had an out of tune guitar so he gave it to him and forced him to play.. at gun point. This is part 1 of their story...