Late Night Reach Around LIVE! , Wednesday Nov 4th 2009 (Both Parts)

This week Bubz N Dukey are together again as they cover some fucked up news about old people banging young people as well as what people would do for a Wii. Some odd video game releases that actually have some potential and one that may just set the Wii ahead of all the rest of the consoles! There's no Chotch needed as the dudes discuss something we should all consider doing very soon. And that something is Xmas Shopping! They tell you their tips to AVOID becoming a Holiday Chotch!

Rangoon: 80's Trivia

Rangoon's here to show us how much fun 80's trivia can be! But remember kids, safety first! Them cards can be VERY sharp!

Last Minute Madness!!: Modern Warfare Gone Wild!

With Modern Warfare 2 just around the corner we can only hope it's as sexy as the original!

Final Review: King of Fighters Maximum Impact

A 3D King of Fighters game!? That's right Dukey's here to tell you why 2D fighters should remain 2D fighters! 2D to 3D fighting games have never really worked in the past (as Street Fighter EX has taught us), but is this game REALLY that bad?

First Impressions: Ratchet & Clank Future A Crack In Time

Dukey gives you a quick look and his First Impression on the new Ratchet & Clank Future game! Hell, he hasn't even opened it yet!

Late Night Reach Around, Wednesday Oct. 28th 2009

This week the dude's are FINALLY back and Dukey's got one HELLUVA story to tell you all! With a laughable video game release and some humorous news, the podcast is ended off with an extremely classic Halloween Villain of The Week and a discussion about the great games that have been coming out lately!

Rangoon: My Best Friend Is A Ninja

Rangoon is here to tell you why THEIR best friend is WAY better than YOUR best friend. It's quite obvious why, but let them tell you anyways!

Sixty Second Classic Review: Super Battletank

Mike LOVES to not listen to Dukey and play the games that he is warned excessively by Dukey to not play. So here is Super Battletank, A solid game to the SNES. Does it fall flat like Dukey warned Mike it would? Or does it actually come off as a half decent title? Watch this video and find out!

Extra Life Compilation Part 2

How can things get better after Matt and Nick's manly version of Lady and The Tramp? You'll just haveta watch to find out!

Extra Life Compilation Part 1

Wow this took forever to get up! Anyways this is some of the footage recorded on Dukey's good camera at our Extra Life 24 hour Gaming Marathon Event! Part 2 will be coming 2morrow! Hope you enjoy and if you like what you see be sure to come next year!