Double Cheese - The Flaming Erection ft. Chotchy The Chipmunk

That's right the music talent of The Flaming Erection and the assholic attitude of Chotchy the Chipmunk collide in the greatest song ever to grace the known universe!

Thank You All!

I would like to thank everyone who came, tuned in, and/or donated to our cause this weekend! I'd say it was fairly successful and am looking forward to doing it again next year! Next year will be even bigger and better so be sure to keep coming back here for the exact date once we get all that figured out! A special thanks goes out to a few people who basically made the night such an incredible success: Christopher, Lara, Teke, Ashley, Christenm123, ShadowAddi, Nirreman, Jason, InjuringChimp, Hellman, Josh, Vee, and anyone else who took the time to visit us or help out either online or offline for most of the day! I was personally surprised to see how many people actually stuck around with us until 8am, that was pretty cool of you guys! Anyways it was an extremely fun day, looking forward to next year's event which will be much larger event since we'll have more than 2 months to plan the whole thing and hopefully won't lose valuable cables haha! So thanks again to all and hope to see you next year!

PS: We DID film some stuff with my good camera throughout the night so for those of you that couldn't attend I'll be putting that up sometime this week possibly friday! -Dukey

Rangoon: Stocktown

The adventures of two stockbrokers. There names are Troy and Bob. Watch them in their limo. Do you wish you lived in stocktown? Did THEY cause the recession? Tune in to find out!

Randon Encounters of the Blurry Kind

Dukey compiled a bunch of footage that was recorded that just didn't fit anywhere else and made one big video out of it. Hopefully you enjoy another little look behind the scenes and see the dudes for who they really are.. a bunch of drunken, ugly, assholes.

Late Night Reach Around, Wednesday Oct. 7th 2009

Sorry for the delay, Dukey is sick as balls so it took forever to be edited and upped. This week we've got a great show! It's Bubz's birthday and Dukey gets some shocking news as well as some great finds and video game releases that we've all be waiting for! With a very forum happy Reach Around we end things off with Chotch of The Week! So tune in and join us in the forums to get in on the greatness!

Rangoon: 1995

It's up to Rangoon to save the future from mindless computer typing! They build a time machine to prevent yogurt from being thrown, will they succeed!? You have to watch to find out!?

Downloadable Content: Outrun Arcade, Wolfenstein 3D, and Fat Princess

In this episode Dukey pops in for a visit while we discuss some great 360/Ps3 Titles!

Sur La Crappier: Solar Striker

Today on Sur La Crappier we take a look at one of; if not THE greatest shoot-em ups on the original Gameboy! Solar Striker is more than just a shoot-em up, it's a journey through the sun to defeat the evil beings from the Turin system. Will we finish off the evil Turin and make it back in time to finish and flush? Or will we be left there just dangling; forever waiting to drop so we can move on with our lives? What am I talking about? I don't know, I probably shouldn't update the website this late at night...

The Flaming Erection: A Night Not Soon Forgotten

An old video, in fact this was one of the first videos made by Pr0nductions Films which was long before Blurrypron even existed! This is the music video to the incredible song A Night Not Soon Forgotten by The Flaming Erection!

Late Night Reach Around, Wednesday Sept. 30th 2009

This week on the Reach Around Dukey, Bubz, N Mike are all back in their hometown hangin out! They've got some great news that Dukey remembers on his own, an incredible villain of the week that we can't believe we haven't mentioned yet and a main topic that'll make you think about your generation!