Rangoon: Big Bad Chad

Big Bad Chad loves Nintendo cartridges but isn't a big fan of chicken nuggets or his parents! Join him on his sleepover adventure!

High Horse Episode 6

This week the guys make their triumphant return and come back to talk about Kanye West, Award Shows in general, PC Gaming and the length of the new video games. We even have a girl voice her opinion on the matter. Mattye west brings his A game and Are Bubz and Dukey here too? This is Madness! No.. This is the High Horse!

Blurrypron @ Mosaic 2009 Part II

Part II of our incredible adventure at the Mosaic Festical in Regina! Watch people breathe fire while Shawn and Dukey get liquored up with some foreign drinks that pack a punch!

Late Night Reach Around, Wednesday Sept. 23rd 2009

This week Dukey's got some incredible news to discuss that involves pizza, Playstations, and pain! They've also got some great music as well as some unique forum questions. So be sure to tune in and hear Dukey giggle like a school girl when an old PC game from his past gets mentioned!

Rangoon: Meat and Cheese

This week Rangoonoline is here to tell you why Arby's is the greatest restaurant on the face of the earth! You don't fuck with meat and cheese!

Last Minute Madnes!!: Baby Assassin by Rubydog Movies

We at Blurrypron are big Rubydog fans so we decided to share their awesomeness with all of YOU! This short film of theirs is about a young assassin with no remorse for her victims. For more from them check them out on youtube. Their youtube account is rubydog189!

Blurrypron @ Mosaic 2009 Part I

Every year a HUGE festival of cultures comes to the Queen City of Regina, Saskatchewan. This year something else came.. Blurrypron! We're there to show you what a fantastic festival it is! With all kinds of unique food, drinks, dancing, and merchandise it's probably one of the greatest things I've ever taken part in! Welcome to Part 1 as we go from the Greek Pavillion to the Chinese Pavillion! The quality may not be above average, but this is basicly our very 1st on location outing so it was a test run for future things to come!

LIVE STREAM Late Night Reach Around, Wednesday Sept. 16th!!

This week we went ahead and did things COMPLETELY LIVE!! We had a live stream and live chat set up on the website and included everyone in this incredible podcast! I'd like to thank everyone who showed up to the live feed, we needed to test this out for Extra Life and this turned out to be the perfect way to do it! This week we've got some great news, great video game releases, great chat questions, and a great main topic involving the Kurt Cobain/Guitar Hero schpeal!

Rangoon: The Boss

This week Rangoon's here to show you what it's like to be the boss!

Sixty Second Review: Prototype

In this episode Mike goes over the best and worst that Prototype has to offer. Is this multi platform title worth spending some cold hard cash on for your system? Watch this and find out!