We Love Classic Gaming!

We all love classic gaming here at Blurrypron, so we decided to relive our memories by playing some of our old favorites. What a bad idea...

IT'S OVAR 2000!!!!

Our announcement video after we hit over 2000 hits a month!

Tragic Reach Around

What should've been this week's Reach Around.. gone horribly wrong!

Over 1200 Bonus Video!

Made a deal on the forums for our website and well.. we reached our goal!

The Best Advice of Your Life!

Dukey teaches you how to commit the most gruesome of crimes and make some cash while staying out of prison!

Sega CD Under The Knife

After some tragic results, my Sega CD had to undergo some extensive surgery and have it's fuse removed. This is it's story..

Bunk Beds

When grown men live together, Bunk Beds are the ONLY option!

Quiet Time With Justin

Quiet Time.. With Justin Vany

Crimzon Thunder II

One year after the battle with the Notorious Hopperlegs; Crimzon Thunder and his newly founded team The Rainbow Elite are about to face off against a villain that will change all of their lives.. forever!

Crimzon Thunder

When Crimzon City is in trouble, only one hero armed with a plunger and a plaid mini-skirt can save the day!