Liquor & A Movie: The Evil Dead

Bubz N Dukey are BACK in their BRAND NEW commentary show "Liquor & A Movie"!! Enjoy their commentary on the greatest movie to watch on Halloween EVAR!!

First Impressions: Ratchet & Clank All 4 One

Dukey takes an early look at the latest Ratchet & Clank game! With this game adding co-op to the series will it help or hinder the classic action platformer gameplay?

Sur La Crappier: Mole Mania

La Crappier guy is back and in a new bathroom to review a new game! Mole Mania is one of the greatest puzzle adventures on the Gameboy!

Low Cost Lowdown: Sonic Colours & Heathcliff The Fast and The Furriest

Dukey takes a look at two low cost Wii games and shows you if he thinks they're worth their bargain or belong in the trash!

First Impressions: Resistance 3 Beta & Dead Guy Ale

Dukey takes a look at the Resistance 3 multiplayer beta as well as the strangest beer he's encountered thus far!

10 Best Genesis Games!

Dukey counts down the 10 Best Genesis games of ALL TIME! With tons of great classics on the console; will your favourites make the cut?

Canada Day Capers 2011

Blurrypron celebrates Canada Day the only way they know how.. Boob grab memoirs, dick jokes, and fireworks!

First Impressions: Sonic Generations and Uncharted 3!

In this special Canada Day episode of First Impressions Dukey takes a look at 2 fairly hyped games as well as 2 award winning beers! Enjoy this quadtastic First Impressions video and have a happy Canada Day!

Dukey's Collection Video June 2011 Part 2

Part 2 consists of Dukey's Gameboy and Game Gear Games as well as Dvds, Blurays, and Video Game memorabilia! Hope you enjoyed this year's collection video! We'll be back to regular video updates next Friday!

Dukey's Collection Video June 2011 Part 1

Dukey's annual Collection Video! Part 1 Shows all his video games and consoles!