Versez: Smash Bros Brawl VS Neo Geo Battlecolusseum!

Both are fighting games featuring the All-Stars of their respective brands, but which game comes out on top!?

Versez: Dynasty Warriors Gundam VS Gundam Crossfire

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Versez: Twisted Metal 2 VS Vigilante 8 2nd Offense

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Versez: Capcom VS SNK

In the pilot episode of Versez Dukey and Finny take a look at the 2 biggest fighting game companies and pit them against one another! Who will come on top? Tune in to find out!

Renters or Buyers: Dragon Quest Swords and Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles

This time we take 2 big franchises that got a touch of arcade added to them. Are they worth all your quarters or should you just stick to the core series'?

Renters or Buyers: Little Big Planet and Valkyria Chronicles

2 great new games on the PS3, are they worth the full price or just a weekend warrior? Watch to find out!

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