Late Night Reach Around Halloween Special Pt 2, Wednesday November 12th 2008

Part 2 of our Halloween Special. We continue our discussion on emulation and Logan shows his drunken belligerence!

Late Night Reach Around Halloween Special Pt 1, Wednesday November 5th

This week we have a Live Podcast!! We're at the Radisson hotel with a bunch of friends and fans of the site and we discuss the touchy topic of emulation!

Downloadable Content: Crash Commando, Castlevania Chronicles, and R-Types

This week Mike and Dukey re-unite to cover some amazing PSN and PSP downloadable games!

Downloadable Content: Ikaruga, Comix Zone, and Super Mario RPG: Legend of The Seven Stars

This time Mike's with Christen and they cover some extremely tough games as well as a classic RPG!

Downloadable Content: TMNT Arcade, Ultimate MK3, and Symphony of The Night

This Week Debaser's kicking some ass and taking some names as he and Mike go through some awesome 360 arcade titles!

Downloadable Content: Brain Challenge, Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix, and World of Goo

Mike and Dukey look at some okay games, and tell you why you should or should not check some of these out

Downloadable Content: 1942 Joint Strike, Everyday Shooter, and Dr Mario Rx Online

This week Mike and Dukey cover some great shootem ups as well as an addicting puzzle game that's gone online!

Downloadable Content: Galaga Legions, Bomberman Blast, and Wipeout HD

This week Mike teams up with Kazekawa and cover some more classic games that have continued on through DLC

Downloadable Content: Duke Nukem 3D, Bionic Commando, and Harvest Moon

This week Mike and Bubz go through some classics made new again!

Downloadable Content: Quest For Booty, Megaman 9, and Destroy All Humans

This time Mike and Dukey team up to cover some great, and some not so great DLC games.