Late Night Reach Around, August 20th 2008

We get started off with special guest Stan Lee(or an imposter you be the judge)! And we FINALLY get our OWN web address, so welcome to!

Late Night Reach Around, August 13th 2008

This week Chotchy gets Soul Calibur 4 for his Virtual Boy HD, Bubz N Dukey bitch about how the computer can pwn ballz with characters yet you always suck with them, and they talk about Mega Man 9!

Late Night Reach Around, August 6th 2008

This week we talk about them cheesy magnetic bracelets, the 2nd Monster of the week, and Nintendo say they can't think of any more gimmicks.. I mean Ideas...

Late Night Reach Around, July 30th

A teacher seriously insults a student, the 1st Monster of The Week, Bubz showcases some of Dukey's games, and Dukey's cat is being a dick! Oh.. and did I mention it's LIVE!!?

Late Night Reach Around, July 23rd 2008

This week Chotchy returns and we talk about Castlevania Judgement and Mega Man 9

Late Night Reach Around, July 16th 2008

Not many good releases this week, but we've got some interesting news about some Counter-Strike map maker getting raided by the police.. BECAUSE HE HAS A HAMMER!!

Late Night Reach Around, July 9th 2008

Our sound quality increses and Bubz gets accepted into Broadcasting School!

Late Night Reach Around LIVE!, July 2nd 2008

This week we've got a Live episode coming to you from The Loft at Finny's farm where Basly shows off his... unique cameraman skills! Meet a bunch of our friends as we party until 9am and record this fun podcast!

Late Night Reach Around, June 25th 2008

The 2nd Late Night Reach Around! The guys show you their intro song, and they actually have segments!

Late Night Reach Around, Wenesday June 11th 2008

The 1st ever Late Night Reach Around! Bubz N Dukey introduce themselves, tell you a little about themselves, and Dukey plays a shitloada Shadowrun!