First Impressions Grolsch and Old Speckled Hen

Dukey and Bubz take some time out of their fire-pit adventures to bring you a look at 2 strange Import Beers. The 1st is Grolsch from the Netherlands, and the 2nd has the strangest and most unattractive name ever and is from the United Kingdom. How do they taste? Do they go down easy? You'll haveta watch to find out!

Low Cost Lowdown: Hamtser Ball/Age of Zombies!

Dukey's here with the FISRT episode of a BRAND NEW show! Low Cost Lowdown looks at some cheap bargain games and gives you the lowdown on whether they're worth the price or if they should've went straight to the dumpster. Today he looks at 2 downloadable games for $10 and under. Hamster Ball for the PS3 and Age of Zombies for the PS3 and PSP; check it out!

Sur La Crappier: Half Minute Hero

Everyone's favorite greasy French-Canadian with a British accent is back for a VERY special Sur La Crappier! For the 1st time ever, a handheld review from a modern console! Make sure not to miss all the RPG/Shooter/Adventure/Strategic FUN!

Top Secret: The Video That Never Was: Summertime Rap: The 1st Verse

What do Rangoon, Blurrypron, and Benzaie all have in common? They were all supposed to be 1 part in an awesome Summertime Rap song about 1 year ago! Benzaie's footage; which was initially the 2nd verse to the song has been seen a few times over @ including in the 1st episode of Season 2 of Angry Joe's 'Hotel Awesome' show. Now.. for your viewing pleasure.. the 1st verse to Summertime Rap sung and filmed by the Blurrypron crew! Original music and song written by Rangoonline!

Final Review: Toki

What do Apes, Sexy Ladies, Witch Doctors, Dukey, and Whips all have in common? Nothing unless you've got some sick demented Ape/Dukey/Witch Doctor/Whip fetish, but if the 1st 4 things sounded like a good time be sure to check out this Final Review of an NES port of a GREAT arcade classic!

Dukey's Collection Video May 13th 2010 Part 3

The final Part of Dukey's Collection Video! He shows his consoles as well as some other random crap! Gargoyle playing cards? Wartortle erasers? Star Wars poster-board.. things? THEY'RE ALL HERE!! Including all three Genesiseseses!!

Dukey's Collection Video May 13th 2010 Part 2

Here in Part 2 Dukey shows the rest of his video games as well as his Gundam figures, DVD's, Blurays, and VHS's. Stay tuned for Part 3 where he shows his consoles and more!

Dukey's Collection Video May 13th 2010 Part 1

It's been over a year since Dukey has shown you his collection so he's done it again! Part 1 contains pretty much all of his video games and Handhelds. Check it out and tell him what you think as well as make some game suggestions for the future! Stay tuned for Part 2 coming later this weekend!

Baz N Dukey's Birthday Bash Trip-O-Rama Part 2

Part 2 of the 2 day extravaganza! Join Dukey, Bubz, Mike, Baz, Finny, and even Shawn as they search for free comics, dance the Polka, and do some intense Horse Riding! With an ending that will have you laughing yourself to tears, be sure to check this out!

Baz N Dukey's Birthday Bash Trip-O-Rama Part 1

The Blurrypron gang head out in the Mystery Machine in search of fun and mystery! They head to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and have a blast with all their friends! This is part 1 in an epic re-telling of these events, so saddle up and beware the funtastic zanyness that awaits!