10 Best Beatem-Ups

Dukey's here to FINALLY count down the 10 Best in a genre that took flight in 80's and 90's arcades and continues to live on in digital form on the Playstation Network and Xbox Live Arcade! Come find out what the 10 Best Beatem-Ups of all time are, and why!!

10 Best Things From 2011

Dukey counts off the greatest and worst that came out of 2011! Tune in to see the best album, best game, best movie, and biggest disappointments of 2011!

10 Best Genesis Games!

Dukey counts down the 10 Best Genesis games of ALL TIME! With tons of great classics on the console; will your favourites make the cut?

10 Best Fighting Games!

Dukey counts down the 10 Best Fighting Games of all time! Do you agree with his choices? Probably not but WHO CARES! Enjoy the show!

10 Best Movies To Watch on Halloween! Parts 1 and 2

Dukey counts down the 10 Best Movies To Watch on Halloween! Tune in and find out which movies YOU should be watching on All-Hallow's-Eve!

10 Best Stallone Movies Part 2! (5-1)

Finally Part 2 of the 10 Best Stallone Movies! Be sure to check it out as well as hit up the theatres TONIGHT and see The Expendables!

10 Best: Stallone Movies! Part 1

Dukey's here to countdown the 10 Best Stallone Movies before The Expendables come out in theatres this Friday! Part 1 includes #'s 10-6, stay tuned later on this week for #'s 5-1!!

10 Best: SNES Songs!

In this 10 best, Mike goes through his all time favorite Songs/Themes from the SNES. Are your favorite songs on this list? Maybe Mike is just Dead wrong. Let us know in the comments!

10 Best: Games I Wish I Hadn't Played

Dukey takes some time out of his day to SAVE YOUR GAMING ASSES!! This time he's counting down the 10 games he wishes he'd never played! If you've played these games he feels sorry for you and if you haven't then you should avoid them at ALL costs!! So tune in and enjoy either the video or the fact that Dukey had to suffer to record all the footage for this 10 Best!

10 Best Controller Designs - Dukey

You saw Mike's 10 Best, now for Dukey's! What did Dukey pick? Which list is closer to yours? Watch to find out and show us YOUR 10 Best Controller Designs list in the forums!