10 Best Controller Designs - Mike

This week is Controller Week and Mike counts down HIS 10 Best Controller Designs! Will it match your list? Probably not, but it's a great one nonetheless! Stay tuned as on Friday Dukey will be putting up HIS 10 Best Controller Designs!

10 Best NES Games

Dukey's taking the plunge and listing off the 10 Best NES games ever made! Are his choices the same as yours? Probably not, but if you want to find out you'd better watch!

10 Best Fictional Vehicles

This time Dukey counts down the 10 Best vehicles ever thought up by mankind! With literaly trillions of Fictional Vehicles out there, this was a tough list to make, but after years of studying and watching these vehicles in action he's finally done it! So check out the 10 Best Fictional Vehicles to ever grace your minds and eyes! PS: This was made BEFORE the Ghostbusters game was released so I've got some bad information on it's version of the Echto-1

10 Best Cartoon-Based Video Games!

These are the 10 Best Video Games based off our favorite cartoon shows!

10 Best Video Game OST's

Do you like video games? Do you like music? If you said yes to one or BOTH of those you'll enjoy this 10 Best!

10 Best Tear Jerkers

Sometimes games can tug at the heart strings, these are the 10 Best moments in video games that will bring a tear to your eye.

10 Best Gundam Series'

Dukey lists off the 10 Best Gundam Series' up until Gundam 00!

10 Best Multiplayer Games

Grab a friend because this time Dukey counts down the 10 greatest multiplayer games EVAR!

10 Best Advergames

In this pilot episode of 10 Best Dukey counts down the 10 Best Advergames. What are advergames you ask? Well they're games based entirely off of commercialism!