Sixty Second Reviews: Splatterhouse

Dukey gives you a quick rundown on this gory retro remake!

Sixty Second Reviews : Borderlands

In this episode Mike takes a look at Gearbox and 2K Games' collab: Borderlands. Can it stand up to the Fallout 3 giant that everyone seems to compare it to? Or is it something that nobody expected? Watch this one and find out!

Sixty Second Review: Prototype: Modern Warfare 2

In this episode Mike takes a look at the Highly anticipated title: Modern Warfare 2. Does it live up to it's hype or does Infinity Ward just want us to shell out $70 for the same game we've already played? Check out this quick review on it and find out for yourself!

Sixty Second Classic Review: Super Battletank

Mike LOVES to not listen to Dukey and play the games that he is warned excessively by Dukey to not play. So here is Super Battletank, A solid game to the SNES. Does it fall flat like Dukey warned Mike it would? Or does it actually come off as a half decent title? Watch this video and find out!

Sixty Second Review: Prototype

In this episode Mike goes over the best and worst that Prototype has to offer. Is this multi platform title worth spending some cold hard cash on for your system? Watch this and find out!

Sixty Second Classic Review: Spiderman VS The Kingpin

In this episode Mike didn't listen to Dukey and bought Spiderman VS The Kingpin for the Genesis. Was it good? Was it bad? Check this nice and easy review out before you hand out your hard earned cash on your vintage games!

Sixty Second Reviews: InFamous

In this episode, Mike takes a look at the PS3 exclusive title: inFamous. Does this game pack enough punch to earn a highly recommended? Sit back and enjoy the next 60 seconds of your life!

Sixty Second Classic Reviews!: Yo Noid!

We're taking a trip back to when Noid's main job was to take your pizza and ruin your day. However there was no way Mike could Avoid the Noid when it came to the good ol' NES. Never heard of this game before? Heard about it but just not sure if it's any good? Let Mike tell you in 60 seconds whether or not this game is a pass or a play.

Sixty Second Reviews!: 50 Cent Blood on The Sand

In this episode Mike looks at the new 50 Cent game and is actually surprised at it's non-suckage!

Sixty Second Reviews!: Killzone 2

Killzone 2 is here and Mike wants to sum it up and get you back on your way to doing something great and life altering. Let me tell you if it lives up to the hype or if it falls flat.