Thanks For Coming Out!

I'd like to thank everyone for coming to the live stream tonight! There were some Gamez and some Xplosions but sadly no podcast; but we still had a good time! Remember this Friday will be an EPIC episode of Versez. The 2 biggest nerd franchises of all time collide!! It's Star Wars VS Star Trek!!

Blurrypron Live Halloween Podcast & Game Night Debrief

I would like to thank EVERYONE who came out and made last night a huge success! I hope all of you had as much fun as we did! I'd like to give special thanks to Craigie and Eric for attempting Resistance 2's online Co-op with me again; that was probably my favorite part of the night. As well as Prattz for having our back in Nazi Zombies! I'd also like to give a special thanks to Adam who was hyped for the event since it was first announced and although there was some tricky timing he still managed to make the whole thing! Once again thank you all as well as Marck and Bubz for being able to make take time out of their weekends to come and host the stream with me! I hope you all enjoyed it and I can guarantee there WILL BE ANOTHER!! Once I get a date worked out with the other guys and maybe get Mike on-board we'll definitely be doing this again sometime!
- Thanks a ton, Dukey

Debased To This and Blurrypron October 19th Announcement Video

A quick announcement video to let you know what's going on all weekend long at Debased To This and Blurrypron! With 2 Game Nights, an EPIC Final Review, and a Live Halloween Podcast you're in for a fun and entertaining weekend with your 2 favorite websites!!

Announcement Video Sept. 20th, 2010

New Final Reviews, 10 Bests, and a Live Stream; as well as what our neighbors at Debased To This are putting on!! There are some BIG announcements in here so be sure to tune in! Also be sure to tune in on October 23rd @ 7:30pm CST to Blurrypron Live as we do a Halloween Special Live Reach Around and Game Night! Hope you like our plans for Spooktober!!!

Thanks For Coming!!

General News
I'd like to personally thank everyone who showed up to the live stream! We had a great time playing some of the most difficult games of all time, some you knew, some you didn't, but all were a fun challenge! As I said during the event; we will work out a date near Halloween to do some Halloween-type games as well as some online stuff, perhaps some Nazi Zombies. Again thanks for coming out and making tonight a success!! -Dukey