Final Review: TMNT Games Part 1 - NES Games!

The Shredder has taken all of the Turtles hostage and it's up to Dukey to figure out a way to save them! So he embarks on a journey to take down the Shredder the only way he knows how.. by reviewing ALL of his Turtles games, starting with the NES!

Final Review: Wai Wai World 2

Dukey's BACK again and this time he's playing a great imported game on a great imported console! What do you get if you combine all of Konami's greatest games from the 80's? Wai Wai World 2, for the Nintendo Famicom!!

Final Review: WCW Wrestling

Dukey Reviews the GREATEST Wrestling game on the NES! The WCW may have suffered a terrible fate, but back in the 80's they had a full line-up of classic legendary wrestlers and this game did it's best to put you in the ring with them!

Final Review: Dark Cloud

Dukey reviews a kickass game that unfortunately ended up getting stuck in Zelda's shadow. With even MORE features than Zelda, and a large variety of characters does this game out-do a legend?

Final Review: Zombies Ate My Neighbors

Part 2 of the 2 Part Halloween Special! This time Dukey is attacked by zombies and looks to one of his favorite zombie games for help! In an epic battle against the zombie attack is this truly Dukey's "Final" Review? You'll just have to watch to find out!

Final Review: Gargoyles Quest 2

Dukey revisits his favorite childhood television show which lead to him getting an NES game that unfortunately had no real relation. Was the game good or ghastly? You'll haveta tune in and join him in the Ghoul Realm to find out!

Final Review: Toki

What do Apes, Sexy Ladies, Witch Doctors, Dukey, and Whips all have in common? Nothing unless you've got some sick demented Ape/Dukey/Witch Doctor/Whip fetish, but if the 1st 4 things sounded like a good time be sure to check out this Final Review of an NES port of a GREAT arcade classic!

Final Review: The Adventures of Mighty Max

Dukey digs up some toy and cartoon nostalgia but by doing so he digs up something that should've stayed buried. He takes a final look at The Adventures of Mighty Max for the SEGA Genesis, a game that meant EVERYTHING to him in his childhood but doesn't stand the test of time, or at least a more knowledgeable mind. From fiery penguins to retarded sharks this game's got it all! So watch the review and don't miss out!

Final Review: Dragon Warrior II Part 2

Dukey's FINALLY back to finish off his Final Review of the absolute WORST Dragon Warrior game ever thought of. As a Dragon Warrior fan some feelings get hurt but in the end it's just something every Dragon Warrior fan must eventually go through and he's glad he got it over with.

Final Review: Dragon Warrior II Part 1

HOOOLYYY SHYTE!! Dukey FINALLY gets part 1 of his EPIC Dragon Warrior II review finished JUST in time for xmas! After giving you some RPG food for thought he covers the beginning part of the game and shows you why THIS Dragon Warrior game was not only a huge LEAP for RPG's but at the same time a huge disappointment.