Final Review: King of Fighters Maximum Impact

A 3D King of Fighters game!? That's right Dukey's here to tell you why 2D fighters should remain 2D fighters! 2D to 3D fighting games have never really worked in the past (as Street Fighter EX has taught us), but is this game REALLY that bad?

Final Review: Secret of Monkey Island

Dukey's back with another fantastic game. This time he looks at one of the GREATEST Shareware games out there, Lucasfilm Games' Secret of Monkey Island for the Dos and Amiga.

Final Review: Monster In My Pocket

Dukey reflects on his forgotten childhood as he takes a look at one of the most unknown games ever! Monster In My Pocket started out as just a crappy toy series but when Konami caught wind of it, it became a kickass NES game!

Final Review: Capcom VS SNK 2

They took the best from both sides and made one of the greatest fighting games to DATE! Dukey covers the history of these 2 amazing video game creators as well as reviews Capcom VS SNK 2 on the Playstation 2! Hold onto your shorts and step into a daiper kuz this shit's INTENSE!

Final Review: Rockin' Kats

Dukey takes a look at a sweet cartoon-like game on the NES that plays similar to Bionic Commando! This may not be one of the longest Final Reviews ever, but it's definately the most Rockin'!

Final Review: Bubble Bobble

This time Dukey looks back at an AWESOME arcade port to the NES. Bubble Bobble took up many hours of his life, and it could do the same to you!

Final Review: Snatcher

Final Review is FINALLY BACK!! The 1st review of season 2 is Snatcher for the Sega CD. Hideo Kojima is a FREAKING genius! Want to know why? WATCH THE DAMNED REVIEW!

Final Review: Actraiser

We end off this season the same way I started the series. A complete re-hash of my pilot episode!

Final Review: Flying Dragon

The best and most technical fighting game on the NES!

Final Review: Dashin Desperados

Best Western/Racing game there is!