Final Review: Dynamite Headdy

My review of the greatest self-destructive, brain damage inducing, hero EVAR!

Final Review: Shadowrun

The greatest version of Shadowrun ever made!

Final Review: Contra Hard Corps

The greatest Contra game ever made!

Final Review: Rogue Galaxy

My Final Review on my favorite game. I seriously can't find a single thing wrong with this game. I hope Level 5 does just as good with White Knight Chronicles

Final Review: Rollerball

The ultimate pinball experience on the NES!

Final Review: Boogerman

The greatest Super Hero around back when I was a kid. You shall embark on a Pick & Flick Adventure!

Final Review: Dragon Power

The game that was SUPPOSED to be a Dragonball game, but instead just proves that snorting coke makes you run faster!

Final Review: Goldeneye

FINALLY a great game that isn't only a great movie game, but a game that changed a genre for ever on home console!

Final Review: The Thing

The movie was great so the game HAS to be right? Well, the game is actually the sequel.. and it's shit...

Final Review: Evil Dead Hail To The King

The 2nd in a series of bad movie game reviews!