Final Review: The Phantom Menace

This is my review of the god-aweful Star Wars Episode 1 game on the PS1.

Final Review: Dragon Warrior Monsters

The 1st in a series of AMAZING Dragon Quest Spin-offs. This series focuses on the monsters from the dragon quest/warrior series.

Final Review: Q*Bert

An arcade classic that brought cussing in rage to the masses on the NES!

Final Review: Adventure Island II

You know It's A Great Game When The Hero's Got A Beer Belly!

Final Review: Mean Bean Machine

The ONLY puzzle game I enjoy playing featuring ol Robuttnik himself!

Final Review: Power Blade

The 2nd Final Review! I review a game inspired by Megaman, Starring Arnold Schwartzenegger... (SP?)

Final Review: Kabuki Quantum Fighter

The 1st episode of Final Review! I review the game Kabuki: Quantum Fighter for the NES. Watch all the headbanging action!