Double Cheese - The Flaming Erection ft. Chotchy The Chipmunk

That's right the music talent of The Flaming Erection and the assholic attitude of Chotchy the Chipmunk collide in the greatest song ever to grace the known universe!

The Flaming Erection: A Night Not Soon Forgotten

An old video, in fact this was one of the first videos made by Pr0nductions Films which was long before Blurrypron even existed! This is the music video to the incredible song A Night Not Soon Forgotten by The Flaming Erection!

Standing Outside The Fire ( Garth Brooks Cover) - The Flaming Erection

This time the Flaming Erection has decided to bless us with a live recording of their cover of a fantabulous country classic by Garth Brooks. Hope you enjoy the little twist they put on it!

Poop Chute by The Flaming Erection

Wow! The fantastic band The Flaming Erection is here and ready to burn your cornhole with their brand new Platinum hit "Poop Chute"! Off their extremely popular album Stiff Dissiplin these guys are just FANTASTIC! So check them out as they are our brand new feature! You may have seen some of their music videos but now all their music will be coming to grace with their awesomeness!