Food Face-Off: Breakfast Blowout!

Bubz and Dukey team up as this time.. it's the food that's facing off! They take breakfast sandwiches from FIVE different fast food chain restaurants and pit them against each other. Each breakfast is rated out of a total of 10, each man voting out of 5, the winner will have the glory of receiving the Blurrypron Seal of Approval!! So shift your stomach into high gear, because this isn't your average Food Face-Off!

Food Face-Off 2008-2009 Championship!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we bring you the bout of all bout's the meal of all meals, the 2008-2009 Food Face-Off Championship match! We've got Finny VS Shawn in an EPIC Food Face-Off you WON'T wanna miss!! Both contenders are battling their way through the entire McDonald's value picks minus the coffee and ice cream cone, plus a double dose of the double cheeseburgers. Who will come on top!? You haveta watch to find out!

Food Face-Off: Mondo Burrito Madness!

This time it's a 3-way battle between the reigning Regina Champ Shawn, Dukey, and Joe. They take on the GIGANTIC Mondo Burrito from Taco Del Mar! Who will come out on top, and who will eat the others' dust?

Food Face-Off: Burger Battle!

The 1st EVAR Food Face-Off! Dukey Faces off against Finny in a battle of Burgers! They take on the Double Iceburg; 2 pounds of pure beef! Who will come out on top!?