Looking For A Friend: A Friendship... With Cheese!

Things get intense as Bubz travels the world as a rising musician. Will he FINALLY get the feedback he needs? Or will the cheddar bring him down? There's only one way to find out folks and I'll bet you're smart enough to figure that out on your own!

Looking For A Friend 4: The Phone Party

Bubz is BACK and looking for more friends the ONLY way he knows how! This time he figured he'd amp things up a bit and maybe get some more people interested by having.. A PHONE PARTY!! So check out his sweet ass phone party and witness the triumphant return of Looking For A Friend!

Looking For A Friend Episode 3

Bubz is still looking for that certain someone and..... whats that!?! he just may have found what he has always been looking for....

Bubz Is Bored and Mike Is Nowhere To Be Found


Looking For A Friend Episode 2

Bubz continues his quest to find.. A Friend!

Looking For A Friend Episode 1

Hi, Im Justin and my goal is to make a friend. It sounds easy... but its not.