Late Night Reach Around, Wednesday July 29th 2009

WooHoo! This week Bubz is away and Dukey and Mike do a special Point & Click Adventure Game episode! There's some PAINFUL news that Dukey can relate to, a lackage of Video Game Releases, and a SHITLOAD of Kurt Russell.. I mean Point & Click Adventure talk! So join them on their trip down nostalgia road!

Late Night Reach Around, Wednesday July 22nd 2009

Well we had an incredible podcast for you this week.. BUT the audio decided to fuck up! So instead Dukey took things into his own hands and over-dubbed some of it with pure 100% genuine refined RAGE!!!!!!!

Late Night Reach Around, Wednesday July 15th 2009

This week we've got ourselves not only a LIVE Reach Around, but Mike's here to join us as we cover some of the greatest news EVAR! After some fantastic news, some awesome video game releases and a Live Chotch of The Week, we get into a balls deep discussion about PC Gaming's past, present, and future! Be sure to tune in and watch Bubz doze in and out after a long day of drinking and NBA Jam!

Late Night Reach Around, Wednesday July 8th 2009

This week is Free Week on the Late Night Reach Around and we're here to show you some kickass free stuff to help you through this ridiculously long-lasting recession! We've got free music as the songs and you can check out the bands here The Fantastic 5 and Scarlet and The Spooky Spiders. We've also got some strange chip-loving news and some zany news that involves a block of urine! Bubz shares his love for BJ Sandwiches and we show you some of the best free PC games known to man! Also, since last week's LIVE Reach Around had a messed up link we re-posted it directly below!

Late Night Reach Around LIVE!, Wednesday July 1st 2009

THE LINK WAS BROKEN THE 1ST TIME SO HERE IT IS AGAIN!! Another incredible Late Night Reach Around and we're LIVE from Dukey's new place! This week the dudes talk about grad, some upcoming content, a game that Dukey's been looking forward to for quite some time now, and they cover some extremely exclusive news that you'll ONLY find here at! So check out our non-sober Special Deluxe Graduation Edition With Extra Black Olives of the Late Night Reach Around with Bubz N Dukey! PS: Happy Canada Day!

Late Night Reach Around, Wednesday June 24th 2009

This week is a very special week on The Late Night Reach Around, it is DOG WEEK!! That's right folks, dogs are taking over the Reach Around! Dukey's currently balls deep in a 4 and a half hour relocation so they try and keep things short while incorporating dogs in as many situations as possible! Also a great movie is getting a sequel and some really crappy video game releases. Things will look up starting next week once Dukey gets a home and the ENTIRE Blurrypron crew become closer than ever! (except Shawn who we will all miss greatly) Anyways, enjoy the incredible show this week and we hope you enjoyed our commentaries on our 1st ever videos! (Fun fact, Dukey edited this on his livingroom floor where his mouse and keyboard barely worked, so no background music this week except for a very special song about dogs)

Late Night Reach Around, Wednesday June 10th 2009

This week we've got a fantastic show as Bubz teaches you a special technique you can use in the bedroom! We've also got some cool forum questions and we talk about some of the great things that came out of E3 2009! Also, we've been at it for a little over a year now and things are still looking up!

Late Night Reach Around, Wednesday June 3rd 2009

An excellent show this week! The dudes talk E3(although the show was recorded before the conferences, for up to the minute E3 info check out our Video Game forums), concerts, parking rage, and more! Some crazy news this week as well, 2 stupid news and 1 regular! So tune in to hear about E3, our thoughts on some of the greatest games that've been mentioned, and what is to come in the upcoming weeks at