Delectable Dishes: Mike's Miketacular Pizza! Part 2

Welcome back folks! Part 2 of Mike's incredible Pizza-making! Sadly there was some final footage missing but here is the rest of what we have!

Delectable Dishes: Mike's Miketacular Pizza! Part 1

Mike's here to show us how to make a GREAT-tasting pizza from damn-near scratch! If you like pizza (and almost everyone does) be SURE to check this out so that someday, you can make your OWN Miketacular Pizza!! Part 2 soon to follow.

Blurrypron In The Kitchen Presents: Chefprotoss' Cooking For Those Who Can't Cook

The pilot. This is how to make the perfect roasted chicken if you have no skill in a kitchen what so ever. This is his first cooking show so feed back is quite welcomed.

Delectable Dishes: Double Cheese and Ham Sandwich

Do you like cooking? Do you find yourself getting stuck on daily around the house tasks? Well we are here to help you in all your household needs with our brand new Blurrypron In The Kitchen series! We start things off with a new show called Delectable Dishes, and this week Bubz shows you how to make the PERFECT Double Ham and Cheese Sandwich! In the meantime Mike and Dukey do some fantastic brand name promotion and Dukey teaches you the proper, hands-free way to clean your toilet bowl! All in front of a Live Studio Audience!