Low Cost Lowdown: Sonic Colours & Heathcliff The Fast and The Furriest

Dukey takes a look at two low cost Wii games and shows you if he thinks they're worth their bargain or belong in the trash!

Low Cost Lowdown: Hard Corps Uprising and The Flying Hamster

Dukey takes a look at 2 downloadable games, one with big shoes to fill and the other with no reputation at all. Are they worth your precious coins? Only one way to find out!

Low Cost Lowdown: Reel Fishing Angler's Dream & Fishing Master World Tour

Near the end of winter fishing outside is difficult so Dukey takes things inside with 2 low cost fishing games for the Nintendo Wii! What's the lowdown? You'll have to watch to find out!

Low Cost Lowdown: Hamtser Ball/Age of Zombies!

Dukey's here with the FISRT episode of a BRAND NEW show! Low Cost Lowdown looks at some cheap bargain games and gives you the lowdown on whether they're worth the price or if they should've went straight to the dumpster. Today he looks at 2 downloadable games for $10 and under. Hamster Ball for the PS3 and Age of Zombies for the PS3 and PSP; check it out!