Baz N Dukey's Birthday Bash Trip-O-Rama Part 2

Part 2 of the 2 day extravaganza! Join Dukey, Bubz, Mike, Baz, Finny, and even Shawn as they search for free comics, dance the Polka, and do some intense Horse Riding! With an ending that will have you laughing yourself to tears, be sure to check this out!

Baz N Dukey's Birthday Bash Trip-O-Rama Part 1

The Blurrypron gang head out in the Mystery Machine in search of fun and mystery! They head to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and have a blast with all their friends! This is part 1 in an epic re-telling of these events, so saddle up and beware the funtastic zanyness that awaits!

DTT's Street Fighter 4 Tourney: Dukey Challenges Red! is having a Street Fighter 4 Tournament starting Sunday and Dukey has a few words to say to his rival Redscout64!

Gasp's Random Ass Round-Up Prize Package Grand Opening!

As many of you may remember we had a contest a while back and we game out some rand ass prizes. Well Gasp, the winner of the contest is here to show you the unboxing of the random ass epic prizes! Keep up the good work Gasp, looking forward to seeing your new videos!

Last Minute Madness!!: A Pirate I Was Meant To Be!

One of the MANY reasons why I LOVE the Monkey Island series! Enjoy this classic tune from Curse of Monkey Island!

Last Minute Madness!: What if Star Wars Originated In The 80's?

After searching the internet we found something that blew our minds.. Could this have been the ending to Star Wars if it came out of the 80's?

Bowel Mints

The following is an unpaid production brought to you by! We've got a BRAND NEW product that's changing lives by the assload!

Dukey's Drunken Interview With Kuffo Knight!

A couple weeks ago Dukey was persistent on having a drunken interview with someone and after entering his video into the Random Ass Round-Up contest Kuffo Knight volunteered! This is their drunken journey!

Blurrypron's Gangsta Adventure!

For those of you wondering what we were doing on our week off.. well.. this is a little insight. Hope you enjoy our triumphant return to arms and make sure to watch this week's Late Night Reach Around as we will be announcing the winner of the Random Ass Round-Up Video Contest as well as showing off the fantabulous prizes!!

Takin' The Week Off For Napz And Rekovery

That's right folks we're takin a week off this week to recover from the holidays! In the meantime be sure to PM Dukey on the forums your votes for your favorite Random Ass Round-Up entry and in next week's Late Night Reach Around we'll be announcing the winner!