Sanderson Pooper 1080 Covers Hurricane Topanga

Rising News Journalist Sanderson Pooper covers the INSIDE story of the horrendous Hurricane Topanga inside the city of Saskatoon! Be sure to tune in to find out how the poor, grubby people of Saskatoon are making out during this tragic time!

Last Minute Madness!!: Dragon Quest AMV - Unanswered by Suicide Silence

Yet ANOTHER Last Minute Madness this week! This week we take a look at a Dragon Quest AMV! Not the video games but the anime series, and what goes better with the Dragon Quest anime than death metal? NOTHING that's what!

Goodbye Quasar

This past weekend Bubz was moving to another place and he collapsed into a teary mess when he realized what he would have to leave behind. The Quasar has been there for him every day since he moved to Kindersly and splitting up has hit him harder than he thought it would. Quasar.. you never quite worked as a TV but as a TV stand, you were incredible.. we'll never forget you...

Announcement Video Nov. 18th 2009!

No Reach Around this week but Dukey's got one HELLUVA announcement video! So check it out and learn about what is to come in the near future at! Also, one announcement that was missed is that there will be a BRAND NEW High Horse this Saturday!

Last Minute Madness!!: Classic Game Room Buck Shot Shotgun Review

Mike's a big fan of this guy so we figured we'd show you guys one of his reviews. In this review he shows something incredibly bad-ass that was made for an incredibly lame console! This is the Wii Zapper Robocop would use!

Last Minute Madness!!: Trailer for Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter

The greatest vampire movie to never grace the big screen! Seriously plan on watching this with everyone via Blurrypron Live soon!

Out of Tune Memories Part 1

Bubz didn't want to play guitar at all, and Dukey had an out of tune guitar so he gave it to him and forced him to play.. at gun point. This is part 1 of their story...

Last Minute Madness!!: Modern Warfare Gone Wild!

With Modern Warfare 2 just around the corner we can only hope it's as sexy as the original!

Extra Life Compilation Part 2

How can things get better after Matt and Nick's manly version of Lady and The Tramp? You'll just haveta watch to find out!

Extra Life Compilation Part 1

Wow this took forever to get up! Anyways this is some of the footage recorded on Dukey's good camera at our Extra Life 24 hour Gaming Marathon Event! Part 2 will be coming 2morrow! Hope you enjoy and if you like what you see be sure to come next year!