Randon Encounters of the Blurry Kind

Dukey compiled a bunch of footage that was recorded that just didn't fit anywhere else and made one big video out of it. Hopefully you enjoy another little look behind the scenes and see the dudes for who they really are.. a bunch of drunken, ugly, assholes.

Blurrypron @ Mosaic 2009 Part II

Part II of our incredible adventure at the Mosaic Festical in Regina! Watch people breathe fire while Shawn and Dukey get liquored up with some foreign drinks that pack a punch!

Last Minute Madnes!!: Baby Assassin by Rubydog Movies

We at Blurrypron are big Rubydog fans so we decided to share their awesomeness with all of YOU! This short film of theirs is about a young assassin with no remorse for her victims. For more from them check them out on youtube. Their youtube account is rubydog189!

Blurrypron @ Mosaic 2009 Part I

Every year a HUGE festival of cultures comes to the Queen City of Regina, Saskatchewan. This year something else came.. Blurrypron! We're there to show you what a fantastic festival it is! With all kinds of unique food, drinks, dancing, and merchandise it's probably one of the greatest things I've ever taken part in! Welcome to Part 1 as we go from the Greek Pavillion to the Chinese Pavillion! The quality may not be above average, but this is basicly our very 1st on location outing so it was a test run for future things to come!

Megaberry Krunch Commercial

If you liked our last kickass product Megaberry Punch, you'll like this one even MORE! Now you can have have Megaberries for BREAKFAST!!

Announcement Video Aug. 25th 2009

Some big announcements this week! Too much stuff to just make a post in the forums! So check out this announcement video and for further information PM Dukey, Mike, or Bubz and we'll let you know whatever else you need to know!

The Journey Home

Dukey and Mike went down to Bubz's a few weeks ago to record The Reach Around and have a good time. This is their Journey Home!

Let's Play Sonic 2 .. With a Broke-Ass Controller!

Mike found a "Brand-New" 6 button genesis controller at a Game shop in Edmonton. After driving the 2.5 hours back home he plugged it in and tested it with a game, and everything runs to the right side. So what better of a game to play than Sonic 2! Watch the epic struggle as he attempts to clear levels without using the Dpad!

Torture Hour: Super C

Dukey and Mike embark on a quest of pain and suffering... For YOUR enjoyment!! In this brand new show the dudes take one some of the toughest and just plain horrible games ever made! In the 1st installment of The BP Torture Hour they take on Super C and learn that when in hell, teamwork doesn't exsist! PS: We haven't worked out all of the kinks yet so there are a few little fuck up's in the video.

Green Day CAN Make A Grown Man Cry

Bubz took things to a whole new level at the Green Day concert in Saskatoon. It's okay little buddy, we're here for you!