Dukey's Collection Vid Part II

Part 2 of Dukey's collections covers the rest of his consoles, his games, and more!

Dukey's Collection Vid Part I

Dukey finally took the time to make a collections video. This video has pretty much EVERYTHING in it, from movies to music to consoles to games! Enjoy!

Dragon Warrior: The Sword The Spoon And The Hot Dog

Dukey, the descendant of Erdrick must embark on an epic quest to rid the world of the evil Green Dagron!

Gangsta Hamlet

Are you a straight up G with a love for Shakespeare? Well your not alone... Introducing Stewart!

Kowch Buddeez!

When 2 grown dudes live together and get sick of the barter system.. IT'S TIME FOR A MOVIE!! But not all is what it seems as they embark on a great adventure!

Bubz's Collection Video

Words cannot describe the true epic-ness of this collection video!

Save Battery Under The Knife!

Have your NES games stopped saving your progress? I'm here to show you and easy way to solve the issue. All you need is a special bit that you can find from an online repair shop or perhaps Nintendo, a CR2032 battery, and some tape!

We Love Classic Gaming!

We all love classic gaming here at Blurrypron, so we decided to relive our memories by playing some of our old favorites. What a bad idea...

IT'S OVAR 2000!!!!

Our announcement video after we hit over 2000 hits a month!

Tragic Reach Around

What should've been this week's Reach Around.. gone horribly wrong!