Sur La Crappier: TMNT Games Part 2 - Gameboy Games!

When Dukey gets company nature kicks in forcing him to take a break, which leaves it up the le Crappier guy to review some Turtles games on the Gameboy!

Sur La Crappier: Mole Mania

La Crappier guy is back and in a new bathroom to review a new game! Mole Mania is one of the greatest puzzle adventures on the Gameboy!

Sur La Crappier Dragon Warrior 1 & 2 For Gameboy

La Crappier guy takes a look at the Gameboy port of one of the greatest RPGs of all time and it's ugly brother. Are the changes to these games good or bad? Was making these games portable a good idea? Tune in to find out!

Sur La Crappier: Adventure Island 2

Does one of the greatest console games of all time make a decent GameBoy game? Does the Crappier guy have ANY friends? Will there EVER be more than one camera angle shown in this series? All these and more will be revealed in this FANTASTIC episode of Sur La Crappier!!

Sur La Crappier: Dracula X Chronicles

Dukey reviews Dracula X Chronicles for the PSP while doing his duty on this Spooktacular episode of Sur La Crappier!

Sur La Crappier: Half Minute Hero

Everyone's favorite greasy French-Canadian with a British accent is back for a VERY special Sur La Crappier! For the 1st time ever, a handheld review from a modern console! Make sure not to miss all the RPG/Shooter/Adventure/Strategic FUN!

Sur La Crappier: NBA Jam on Game Gear

It's been awhile but a bathroom break was BOUND to happen sooner or later so here we are with another Sur La Crappier. This time the crappier guy gets to play an incredible arcade basketball port on the Game Gear! Not only is it a great port.. it's MULTIPLAYER!!

Sur La Crappier: Solar Striker

Today on Sur La Crappier we take a look at one of; if not THE greatest shoot-em ups on the original Gameboy! Solar Striker is more than just a shoot-em up, it's a journey through the sun to defeat the evil beings from the Turin system. Will we finish off the evil Turin and make it back in time to finish and flush? Or will we be left there just dangling; forever waiting to drop so we can move on with our lives? What am I talking about? I don't know, I probably shouldn't update the website this late at night...

Sur La Crappier: Mega Man- Dr. Wily's Revenge

This time Dukey goes way back to the early Gameboy era and takes a look at Dr. Wily's Revenge. Does the game stand up to the legendary Mega Man title or should it not have been made at all? Watch and see on this all new episode of Sur La Crappier!

Sur La Crappier: F-Zero GP Legend (GBA)

With a brant new format, Dukey returns to the crappier with F-Zero GP Legend on the Gameboy Advance. How great is this handheld port of F-Zero? You'll haveta watch and find out. Hope you enjoy the new format of the show, let us know what you think by commenting!