Versez: Star Wars VS Star Trek

The most epic of nerd battles is NOW to be decided! Which will triumph!? Will it be the futuristic fantasy franchise Star Wars or the technologically inspiring franchise Star Trek? One aims for entertainment, the other for realism and discovery; but WHO will come out on TOP!? Tune in to this episode of Versez to find out!

Versez: Double Dragon VS Double Dragon

Versez is FINALLY BACK! Dukey and Mike take a look at one of the original beatem ups of the 8 bit era, Double Dragon. But instead of pitting it against another great beatem up, they decide to battle it against itself! That's right folks it's time to watch the Sega Master System and the Nintendo Entertainment System versions duke it out the only way we know how... In an episode of Versez!!!

Versez: Disney Triple Threat

This time we've got ourselves a triple threat with 3 awesome Disney games for the SEGA Genesis. Dukey, Shawn, and special guest Joe take a look at Aladdin, The Lion King, and The Jungle Book to see which one comes on top. All three are amazing games, but only ONE can be the winner!

Versez: Streets of Rage VS Final Fight 2

Shawn and Dukey are back with a new episode of Versez! This time they look at 2 classic Beat'em Ups. Graded on the reason you play beat'em ups; the multiplayer, they pit game against game to see who'll come out on top!

Versez: Smash Bros Brawl VS Neo Geo Battlecolusseum!

Both are fighting games featuring the All-Stars of their respective brands, but which game comes out on top!?

Versez: Dynasty Warriors Gundam VS Gundam Crossfire

Both games were released at a similar time and feature mobile suits, but which will be the victor!?

Versez: Twisted Metal 2 VS Vigilante 8 2nd Offense

Both games were popular in their time, but which is more enjoyable to play today?

Versez: Capcom VS SNK

In the pilot episode of Versez Dukey and Finny take a look at the 2 biggest fighting game companies and pit them against one another! Who will come on top? Tune in to find out!